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FAQ for Job Seekers

First of all, ensure you have a fully completed profile and an updated CV on Then browse through our numerous advertised vacancies to identify a job that matches your skills, experience and qualifications. Click on the job title, read through the job requirement and person’s specification carefully and ensure you meet the requirements. Click on “Apply for this job” at the bottom of the job advert and complete the application.
Not necessarily. If you have already completed your profile and submitted a CV, this will be sent to all jobs you apply for without having to re-submit all the time. However, please note that it is important to constantly update your CV and cover letter to match the particular vacancy you are applying for. We advise that, your cover letter should be specific and address the job requirements rather than sending generic cover letters to all jobs.
After applying for a job, you will be notified on screen whether it was successful or not. Your profile together with your CV and cover letter is logged unto the employers’ end. Please note that due to large number of applications employers usually receive for advertised vacancies, most employers to only shortlisted applicant.

Alternatively, you can be checking the “Applications” section on your personalized dashboard to follow the status the job you applied for.

After completing an application, employers will review your suitability for the role, and when your profile fit the person’s specification, you may be contacted by the employer for the next phase of the recruitment process.
No, not at all. is free to use for all job seekers. You do not have to pay for using for the purpose of job search and subsequent job offers. We do not ask job seekers to part with portions of your salary, neither do we take any commissions whatsoever from job seekers.
At, we do our best to vet all jobs posted on our websites by ensuring that only credible business and companies post credible jobs on our websites. That notwithstanding, we ask that you do not pay any money to any recruiter at any stage of the recruitment process. If in doubt, kindly contact to verify before parting with your money.
A very big yes. We strive with your help to ensure that only credible businesses use the services of However, with the increasing spate of scams and dubious schemes to take advantage of vulnerable job seekers, it is important that you report any job vacancy, business entity or companies that you suspect are using the platform to perpetrate malicious schemes, scams and fake jobs to us. You can do so by emailing or just go to “contact us” page and use any of our available media to report such.

FAQ for Employers

To be able to post a job, you must first have an account with If you do not yet have an account, you can create one now and it takes less than 3 minutes to create a employers account.

Once you have created an account, you can post a minimum of 1 job depending on the account subscription. If you rarely recruit, then you may opt for the basic package which allows you to post 1 job per month. However, if you are always recruiting, then you may want to go for the other packages that offers the solution best fit for your recruitment need.

Yes. We do recognize that for one reason or the other, there might be a need to change the sourcing advert. You can simply edit your already posted job advert, by logging into your employer account. From your dashboard, you will be able to see all the jobs you have already posted. Click on the “Edit” button beside the job you advert you intend to edit. Make the necessary corrections and then click “save” to complete the corrections and the corrected job advert will be posted.

If you have some specific criteria that you will like to use as initial screening of applicants, you can set these questions while posting the job.

To set filter question, click on “Add additional questions”. Create your questions and submit. After that you will have to then select the question to actually include that as part of the initial application process.

Note: It is important for the questions to be set in a “Yes” and “No” format. This will allow you to be able to sort out candidates with such pre-set qualification from the others.

For example, if you are looking for an architect with 5 years “AutoCAD” experience, you can frame the question this way:

Do you have 5 years AutoCAD experience?

Technically yes. As recruitment best practice, advertised jobs should stay opened till the closing date. If employers will like to recruit before the closing date due to the urgency in filling that position, it is advisable and really important that the recruiter indicates this in the sourcing advert. To ensure the integrity of every job posted, prevent abuse as well as maintaining trust of job seekers, an advertised job can only be deleted by team. If there is the need to delete any advert, please send a quick message to team from the contact us page indicating why you want to have that advert deleted and we will do that for you.
No. is a platform purposely build for career development. Since network marketing is more or less self-employment, we do not recommend such on our system. Adverts such as, networking marketing, get rich quick schemes, pyramid schemes and any which breaches policy will be deleted straight away and the account deleted as well.
At we have tailored our system to cater for seamless recruitment right from sourcing to hiring of selected candidate with the aim of reducing the drudgery associated with recruitment processes. However, we recognize that you may need to use another means to complete your recruitment process.

In that case, when posting a job, at the point where you are asked of “How do you want to manage this recruitment” please select either the option “a dedicated recruitment email” or “Have applicants submit to a physical address”. You then provide either the email or the physical address on the next line.

If you do have another online platform, you can copy the link and put in that box with any additional instructions.

Yes you can. have dedicated highly qualified Human Resources practitioners who are available to support you with your recruitment needs. All you need to do is to call our office, or send us an email at and we tailor solution to your needs.